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    About Shan bo
      Introduction to enterprise
      The course of development
      Company honor
      Group style
      Production equipment
      Marketing network
      DC motor
      Military motor
      AC motor
      Gear motor
      Automobile motor

    Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co..Ltd

    The telephone:0533-2641888 
    Address: NO.76 Beishan Road Zibo Shandong 255200 China
    About Us

    Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co..Ltd is founded on the basis of reformation of Boehan Eletric Machine Factory, taking up all the technology, brand, products market of Boshan Electric Machine Works, which is an armament corporation, founded in 1942, having powerful strength of research, development and production in medium & micro-power motor. electric equipment,electromechanical products, having tremendous contribution for China national defense career and Machinery Industry, honored several times by Central Committee of the Communist Party of China,State Council, Commission of Science Technology and Industry for National Defense, Ministry of Machinery.

    Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co..Ltd, own ten holding subsidiary companies and have technology center and five professional electric motor institutes. Company has passed ISO9001:2000 end GJB9001A-2001.GJB/Z9001A-2001 certificate of quality system, obtained Armament Research and Production License and the secrecy qualification for Armament Research and Production, which is awarded by Commission of Science Technology and industry for National Defense. And acquire certification of CCC certificate,ROHS certificate and CSA certificate for some Products.Motor of mountain brand acquires Famous Brand of Shandong Province and Excellent Products of Shandong Province.

    Our products, such as DC control micropower motor, AC motor, gear motor, heavyduty vehicle motor, vacuum pump are widely used in armament industry, aviation, aerospace,communication,energy source,mining, chemical,machinery, textile, medical appliance and so on. Since 1960s, plenty of motors have exported to more then fifty countries and regions, including Asia, Africa, Europe, America and Oceania, and enjoys a sound reputation athome and abroad.

    Wa take honesty foremost, Pursuing excellence,innovatlon and practice as our company' s spirit and we would become one of the best cooperating partners of you. Welcome customers all over the world cooperate with us and create a beautiful and sound future.


    ·The plant in 1942
    And early plant: the production of small DC generator and three-phase asynchronous motor
    - 1951: in one of the earliest development and production of automotive starter and generator
    - 1953: in the first domestic production of gear reducer of three phase asynchronous motor
    - 1956: in the first domestic production of tracked vehicle motor
    - 1957: first, the development and production of DC micro motor control in China
    ,- 1962: the national unified series three-phase asynchronous motor in the domestic first batch production
    - 1978: won the National Science Conference prize of micro motor
    - 1979: as the joint design team leader factory development of YCJ gear reducer of three phase asynchronous motor
    - 1984: micro motor wins national silver medal
    - 1986: technical cooperation with Switzerland KISSLING company production of U series of high precision gear motor
    - 1988: with the international advanced level of U series reducer motor start to export and direct access to the European market
    - 1991: allowed to import and export and the establishment of the Boshan Electric Import & Export Company
    - 1992: the first domestic development and production of motorcycle starting motor
    - 1993: as the first domestic machinery industry enterprises to establish a joint venture subsidiary in Switzerland
    - 1998: 9001 through ISO quality system verification
    - 1998: the whole company "mountain" brand series of products won the title of famous brand of Shandong Province
    - In 1999 (the 50 anniversary of the National Day military parade in the capital): motor vehicles was awarded command, the national defense science and Industry Committee, the National Machinery Bureau awards.
    - In 2001: "mountain" brand motor trademark alone was the domestic industry famous trademark title.
    - 2002: has issued by the Commission of science technology and industry for national defense weapons and equipment research and production license "".
    - In 2003: "mountain" brand series of products won the title of famous brand of Shandong province.
    - 2005: passed ISO9001/2000 quality system certification.
    - 2005: the establishment of the Shandong Boshan Motor Group Co., ltd..
    - 2006: the scientific research unit of weapon equipment two confidential qualification certification.
    - 2007: re elected as China appliance industry association of micro motor branch vice chairman unit.
    - 2007: micro motors are Chinese Electric Appliance Industry Association as a "quality trusted products".
    - 2008: passed the Chinese people's Liberation Army equipment contractor qualification.
    - 2008: be Chinese Electric Appliance Industry Association as "Chinese electrical appliance industry's most competitive enterprises"
    - 2008: was named China machinery industry enterprise credit evaluation of AA grade credit enterprise.
    I- n 2009 (the 60 anniversary): motor vehicles by the General Armament Department and parade command commendation and praise.
    - 2010: was identified as state-level high-tech enterprises.
    - 2011: was identified as provincial enterprise technology center.
    - 2012: was named Shandong province cleaner production advanced unit.
    - 2013: Won the top ten famous brands of China electrical equipment industry.
    - 2014: The military permanent magnet brushless motor project passed provirKial science and technology achievement appraisal.
    2015:Won the medal of outstanding contribution to the commemoration of the 70lh anniversary of the victory of the Chinese people's anti-Japanese war and the victory of the worid antifascist war. Re-elected as vice chairman unit of Vehicte-Use Electric Motor & Electrical Appliance Committee of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

    2016:It was conferred the title of model worker home by All-China Federation of Trade Union.

    2017:Re-elected as vice chairman unit of Small & Medium Electric Motor Subassoctatiort of China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association.
    Re-elected as vice chairman unit of Micromotor Subassocialion of CEEIA.
    The factory equipment excellent, leading technology, research and development with the development and production of various kinds of high quality, the ability of the motor. We sincerely hope to establish and develop economic and trade relations with friends from all walks of life at home and abroad.