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    Product List  
      DC motor
      DC permanent magnet motor
      DC servo motor
      DC speed-measuring motor
      DC brushless motor
      DC gear motor
      Special DC motor
      Military motor
      Vehicle motor
      Military micro motor
      Military brushless motor
      AC motor
      AC servo motor
      YE2-YE3 high efficiency three-phase asynchronous motor
      YEJ series three phase asynchronous motor
      YTPS, YVP series three-phase asynchronous motor
      YD series variable pole multi speed three-phase asynchronous motor
      YZZ series servo spindle three-phase asynchronous motor
      YJZ series vibration source three-phase asynchronous motor
      YLER,YLJ series torque motor
      High voltage three phase asynchronous motor
      Gear motor
      Series AF geared motors
      Series AF geared motors
      Series AR geared motors
      Series YCJ geared motors
      ZDY、ZLY、ZSY、DBY、DCY hard tooth surface cylindrical gear box
      Automobile micro-motor
      ABS motors
      ESC (stabilization) motors
      EVP Motors
      Motor for Electronic Power steering system

    Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co..Ltd

    The telephone:0533-2641888 
    Address: Address: NO.76 Beishan Road Zibo Shandong 255200 China
    JR series high voltage three phase wound rotor asynchronous motor (10KV)-Shandong Shanbo Electric Machine Group Co.,Ltd
    JR series high voltage three phase wound rotor asynchronous motor (10KV)
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    Product introduction: